Welcome to my blog! I am a Turkish citizen who lives in Hyogo, Japan. I have dreamt of traveling and exploring the world since childhood. It is no surprise that my first favorite book was a world map! I would spend hours running my fingers over its pages and imagining what kind of places the world sheltered. 

Hi there!

It took me quite a few years to take my first international trip. Finally, I had a chance to be an exchange student for a year in Portugal, my first host country, between 2011-2012. I had a whale of a time exploring Portugal’s lovely cities and spectacular, long beaches while sipping lots of galão

Another fantastic opportunity arose that same year, and I went to Ireland and did my internship in Dublin. My all-time favorite place was a town called Bray! It offers a coastal trail with views of the Irish Sea and the Wicklow Mountains. I had my first taste of hiking there!

After a series of serendipitous events, I moved to South Korea in 2015 and spent four years in the cities of Busan and Yangsan. I started my first teaching job, enjoyed delicious Korean food, and explored the lovely beaches of Busan. South Korea shaped how I felt about the world and myself, and opened new doors for me.

Busan, South Korea

Love and all that,


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