Farewell February, Welcome March

February has come to an end. I don’t usually talk about my daily life here on this blog, but talking about it isn’t such a bad idea. Posts about daily life might be shorter, but that doesn’t mean they are less critical than adventures and thoughts. Doesn’t my everyday life build up and give way to awesome adventures and significant life events after all? 

I have finished grading exam papers and had my last class this week. I teach junior and senior high schools and have taught junior third-graders and one first-grade class. I feel sentimental because I have spent a year with these students. I hope my students enjoyed learning from me as much as I enjoyed teaching them. 

Now that March is here and I won’t work until April, I can focus on my DipTESOL studies more and even travel somewhere. I plan to go to Kanagawa, Tokyo, and Saitama this month, and Takashi is on board. I want to visit Kanagawa prefecture since I have never been there before, and it has been two years since I visited Tokyo. 

Besides, my sister-in-law lives in Tokyo, so I can also meet with her. Saitama was his idea, and there’s an intriguing story behind it. Many Kurdish people live in Warabi City in Saitama prefecture, giving it the nickname Warabistan! There’s also another place called Kawaguchi in Tokyo where many Kurds live. 

Takashi hopes to meet some Kurds who fled Turkey for political reasons and took refuge in Tokyo and Saitama. I think it would be interesting for me, too, given that one of my paternal grandparents’ roots is in Mardin, a historical city in southeast Turkey. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about my paternal roots beyond this information. 

Even if this plan falls through, there is still something major to look forward to in Japan: the plum and cherry blossom season! I know the latter is more popular than the former, but plum trees have gorgeous flowers, too. Plus, they smell better! I would love to visit a few plum and cherry blossom spots in Hyogo and the rest of Kansai this month.

Some cherry blossoms started to bud in my neighborhood!

At the same time, I am wary of traveling far away because of my studies. Yet, I also know it’s a great chance to travel since March isn’t the peak season in Japan. I feel conflicted since the adventurer within me has been fighting the hardworking part of me. Let’s see which one is going to win the battle. 

That’s it from me this week! How was your February? What are you looking forward to in March?

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  1. Shahbaz Ashraf

    It is your personal blog and you are free to post anything here as long as it is not against the WordPress editorial policy (if there is any). Even occasionally sharing some random stuff breaks the otherwise monotonous blogging routine. I think personal bloggers have a lot more liberty than professional bloggers.
    Glad to know that you are free from your daily classes for some time now. This break will afford you more time to concentrate on your DipTESOL. But, I think your nomadic spirit will not let you confine yourself to your studies only. It will keep nudging you to go out and explore some other unknown places. Have the best times, Bahanur!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahanur

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Shahbaz! You were right! Because of my nomadic spirit, I couldn’t be confined to my house for long. So we traveled to three places within the same week. I wonder who will complete these studies meanwhile 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shahbaz Ashraf

        My pleasure!

        Liked by 1 person

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